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We host regular events to connect innovators in the insurance sector.

InsurTech Expo

Ingenin hosted The InsurTech Expo which brought together startups and insurers from across the globe. Startups had the opportunity to pitch their ideas to insurance companies and all attendees had the opportunity to hear what InsurTech experts had to say about the future of the industry.


The Disruptive Tech Expo brought together a number of tech start-ups aiming to disrupt the insurance industry with innovative technologies. The event was designed without a conventional schedule so that insurers could just drop in whenever they were available to simply take a look around or speak to some of the startup exhibitors.

“Very good that you could just pop in for a few hours rather than stay and listen to presentations.” - Mark Baker, Zurich

“Well run, good line up of start-ups.” - Denise De Bilio, Aviva

“Very good, the drop in and drop out was a great idea” - Keither Bucknall, ERS Insurance

“Relaxed, informal and able to have in-depth discussion with the exhibitors without being rushed. Very informative.” - Tony Emms, Zurich


The EIIS was designed to discuss the latest insurance trends and address new challenges. This event brings together InsurTech market leaders from countries throughout Europe, creating both an opportunity to learn and to network.


Ingenin partnered with Nottingham Trent University to apply the Thinkubator challenge to problems in the insurance industry. Students were presented with common insurance industry challenged and encouraged to come up fresh ideas using creative thinking.

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